In a business not known for the longevity of client-agency relationships, I’ve enjoyed productive partnerships that have endured decades of market and management changes. As much as I’d like to believe my magnetic personality keeps clients coming back for more, I know it is all about the results we’ve been able to generate together.

National Geographic Society

In the early days, I launched magazines, channels and media kits. Later, I developed the communications platform and marketing materials to “sell” geography to school boards across the country. Recently I facilitated strategy discussions with leaders of the National Geotourism Council and Federal Agencies.

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Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

Another client relationship that enjoys double digit longevity.  The RFK Center has a boots-on-the ground approach to human rights advocacy that inspires new defenders stand up and speak truth to power.  

I co-wrote and co-produced this video with CBS to introduce the RFK Center For Justice and Human Rights to new audiences.

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Ford Motor Company

I led the new business pitch against 16 other national advertising agencies to become agency of record for The Spirit of Ford, an interactive children’s museum in Dearborn, Michigan. My only presentation prop was an empty milk carton and idea called “funovation.”

Some of the creative produced in advance of the Grand Opening where more than 30,000 people showed up to mark the momentous occasion.

Puerto Rico

My deep dive into all things tourism began on this island continent. The results produced by our 12-year partnership attracted visitors and conventions from all over the country and generated several hundred million dollars of economic activity.

These three ads were a part of a series highlighting Puerto Rico’s meeting benefits.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization

The CTO earns my eternal gratitude for inspiring and supporting the launch of shrinkingfootprint more than ten years ago. Sustainable tourism isn’t the only thing on my plate, but the portion size has grown over time. I’ve facilitated strategic conversations with senior leadership in Aruba, Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Eleuthera, Grenada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, USVI and many other places graced with people dedicated to making tourism operate at peak efficiency.

Maryland Department of Agriculture

The Maryland Horse Industry Board generates nearly $5 billion of economic benefits for one of the nation’s greenest states.  Board members are appointed by the Governor and bring a depth of passion and knowledge to the business that gives Kentucky a run for its horse money.

The work produced through our strategic collaboration is uniting the community and filling seats at equestrian events. Recently, The National Horse Council commended the MHIB and its tireless chief executive Ross Peddicord for developing a communications program that could serve as a national model.

Baltimore Washington Airport

Few airports are able to build loyalty with an increasingly harassed traveling public, but BWI is a happy exception. Our collaboration began at the start of the biggest expansion in the airport’s five-decade history. Through old-fashioned customer service and sharp strategic insights, BWI managed to steal share from National and Dulles and become the preferred gateway for travelers in the know.

One of many television commercials that helped make it happen.

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Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

The advertising produced over a 12-year collaboration with this global hotel company planted the seeds of one of the world’s first and most-admired sustainability programs. At a time when the industry believed business travelers wanted predictable, canned experiences, Intercontinental dared to build the experience around local sense of place and their portfolio of properties doubled.

This commercial was filmed on five continents and reached business travelers in 60 countries around the world.

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